Has your marketing strategies failed before? Try this smartest ways to convert your marketing to sales

1. Set Marketing Milestones

I want sales to go up by 100% this month. This puts the fire on your toe to make sure that sales go up for the marketing done.

2. Offer a free gift

Everybody seem to like a free gift. Offer a free gift or provide a special time sensitive discount to push prospective clients to buy your products or services.

3. Know if people want to buy

You can do this by asking your prospective clients if they are ready to purchase. Note how “yes” you get.

4. Make a value offering reminder

To remind your leads that you are offering a solution that will offer them great value for their money will often push them to purchase.

5. Provide timely answers to enquiries

Make sure your sales team are readily available to answer questions promptly. If your answers are not prompt enough for a prospective client who wants to buy immediately, he/she will take the purchase to your competitor.

The goal is simple. Follow up until you close your deal. This is what makes marketing interesting.

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